4 Top Organic Manicure Methods


Top Organic Manicure Methods

Thanks to the increasing awareness about harmful effects of chemical skincare products, more and more beauty-and environment-conscious people are turning to organic products. The procedure of manicure is not an exception, and there has been an increased demand for organic manicure in beauty clinics and spas. Manicure, which is an essential beauty treatment that is done to enhance the texture and look of hands, has undergone drastic change in terms of the use of products. Many people prefer to do 100% organic manicure treatments involving pure organic products.

What Is The Need For Organic Manicure

Organic Manicure

An organic manicure procedure can be defined as the procedure of grooming nails with the help of unadulterated handmade oils, soy based polish remover and other toxin-free organic products. In other words, organic manicure is nothing but non-toxic nail care beauty therapy.

Manicure typically involves a short process of nail file, cuticle treatment, nail lacquer application, and possibly a hand massage. Most of the products that are traditionally used for this nail treatment procedure contain harmful chemical substances such as acetone, formaldehyde, toluene, phthalate, paraffin etc. These toxic contents in nail polish, cuticle softener and shiners are potent enough to cause skin cancer and enduring nail damage.

Here comes the significance of ‘organic manicure’ or ‘eco-friendly manicure’ or ‘green manicure’. Organic manicure procedures and products make use of 100% organic ingredients that are free from all chemical substances. Massage creams, cuticle conditioners, exfoliation scrubs, nail masques, polishes, shiners etc. will be purely made of all natural elements causing zero harm to the skin and environment. Organic manicure products are safe even for pregnant and lactating mothers and hence can be used confidently.

Different Types Of Organic Manicure

Different spas and beauty salons follow varied range of organic manicure and pedicure procedures. The difference lies mainly in the use of organic or natural ingredients. Organic manicure is the best way to allow your nails, fingers and palms to enjoy the relaxing caressing of custom blended soaks and naturally safe and pure organic creams and scrubs. Most of the organic nail care products offer natural revitalization for your nails. This is ensured by using vitamin-rich nourishing gels, oils and lotions which in turn promote healthy growth of nails.

Organic Olive Oil Manicure

Organic Olive Oil Manicure

Olive oil has been used for centuries for culinary, therapeutic and beauty purposes. Enriched with antioxidants and Vitamin E, olive oil is not only advantageous for skin and hair, but also for nail health too. Organic live oil works as an excellent nourishing and moisturizing agent for dry skin and fragile nails and toenails.

Organic Olive Oil Manicure is very popular among beauty-conscious people, since the oil is loaded with properties that are known to invigorate skin and nail health. A gentle massage with warm organic olive oil will give your skin and nails heavenly texture and softness. It particularly enhances the moisture condition of the skin, and protects nails from becoming weak and frail. Strong and shiny nails are the main indicator of healthy nails. The anti-oxidants that are present in the oil help in preventing the skin from showing aging signs and brings in youthful vitality.

Organic olive oil manicure generally involves a lavish soaking of your palms in creamy milk. A revitalizing exfoliating  procedure will be done using a mixture of organic olive oil and organic sugar. Some spas use specially made organically derived olive oil lotion to remove dead skin cells. Massaging and moisturizing of your hands will be done using organic olive oil moisturizing lotions, followed by the application of toxin and paraffin free nail lacquers of your choice.

Purissima Organic Manicure

Purissima Organic Manicure

Purissima organic manicure is a popular type of organic manicure method, which involves a unique blend of physiotherapy and aromatherapy therapeutic principles. This special line of herbal products is formulated by keeping in mind absolute revitalization and repair of nails, hands and toes. Optimal hydration of skin and nails are guaranteed with the medicinal herbal ingredients that are used in the range.

The products are specially prepared to allow deep penetration of herbal essences into the skin pores to replenish it naturally. The ingredients also promote healing inside out and create inner balance. People with sensitive and allergic skin can greatly benefited from this manicure as it offers glowing and natural replenished look for the skin and nails.

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Organic Chocolate Manicure

Organic Chocolate Manicure

Organic chocolate manicure procedure is specially designed to ensure nourished skin and nails for your hands and feet. In this procedure chocolate scrubs and chocolate extracts are used lavishly to give an aromatic and sweet pampering for your skin and nails. Glowing effect is ensured by following the process. An exfoliate that is made of sea salt and Epsom salt added with chocolate extracts is used to give gentle scrub for your skin. This luxurious choco massage will softly polish your skin. Chocolate sugar scrub that is made of organic sugar, organic almond or coconut oil, few drops of organic honey, couple of drops of organic chocolate extracts and organic cocoa powder is also used.

Other Miscellaneous Combinations Of Organic Manicure

Organic Grape Seed Oil For Finger Nails And Skin

Many salons follow different methods of organic manicure process and make use of a variety of organic products to prepare their manicure lotions, scrubs and products. A combination of Micro Algae, mineral salt and wild Indonesian ginger is a good organic scrub. A lavish combo of French Lavender oil and organic sugar also serves as an excellent hand exfoliate. Mineral salt scrub suffused with Organic Australian Eucalyptus, Egyptian Geranium or Indian Frankincense is another option.

It is essential to use toxin-and chemical-free nail polish remover to complete the organic manicure procedure. Toluene-and formaldehyde-free tea-tree based removers are available from reputed brands. Cuticle oil that is made of all natural and organic grape seed oil is really good in nourishing the finger nails and skin. Organic aloe vera, coconut oil, jojoba nut extracts and witch hazel infused with organic lavender extract is an excellent moisturizer. Epsom salt and grape seed oil mixture and ginger and Liz formula are other popular manicure products. Handmade shea butter cream is another excellent option for hand and nail massaging.

If you are hard core fan of sustainable beauty therapies, organic manicure is a perfect choice for you. This green and effective method will ensure that you do not deviate from a green living aura. After all the nails and skin of your hand and toe are indicators of your overall well-being and health. So why not protect it following all natural organic manicure therapies?


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