How To Have Amazing Interpersonal Relationships


How To Have Amazing Interpersonal Relationships

There is no doubt about the fact that our interpersonal relationships determine our happiness level to a good extent. In fact, each relationship– whether it be the relationship you share with your spouse, your colleagues, your boss or your friends, contributes to your state of mind.

Therefore, the question that obviously pops up is – how can you have wonderful interpersonal relationships at all levels? Here are 5 important things to keep in mind that can help you radically enhance your relationships.

Tips For Amazing Interpersonal Relationships

Be a Good Listener

In both social relationships and intimate ones, everybody wants to talk and be listened to. This seems to be a common human need. On the other hand, people who truly listen and pay attention to what the other person is saying are rare. You can be that person.

 Have Amazing Interpersonal Relationships

Whether you are in conversation with an office colleague or a friend, make it a point to listen intently to what the other person is saying. When you do this, you will feel a much stronger connection with that person. This is because you will really understand the thoughts of the other person and he or she on his or her part will feel respected and understood.

In today’s world where attention is scarce, you will definitely build wonderful relationships by simply giving people the gift of your genuine attention.

Be Helpful

Any relationship at any level of intimacy can thrive only if both the people involved have an intention to be helpful. If you already hold a friendly and helpful vibe, you will automatically attract and maintain healthy interpersonal relationships.

Consider a workplace scenario where you go out of your way to help your colleague without any personal interest. Obviously your colleague will try to respond in a similar fashion and a happy atmosphere will prevail. On the other hand, if you ignore the existence of your colleague and stay away from interacting with him, there will always be an air of coldness at work.

If you hold an attitude to help people as you go about your day, you will form many new encouraging relationships that will sustain and nourish you in the long run. Everyone ranging from a shopkeeper to a friend to a business acquaintance will love you for proactively helping out.

Do note however that I am talking about holding a genuine vibe of helping and not helping with clear expectations of return. Human relationships do not function at the level of money transactions – and they thrive when there is free giving and receiving. Therefore, when you help other people, help more for the joy of giving and with the faith that you will eventually get back what you have given in the long run. Do not help expecting to get something back the next day.

Be Assertive

Sometimes, interpersonal relationships suffer when you try to be too helpful without being assertive about your own desires and needs. Please don’t do that! I remember situations in the past when I was helpful to my boss but was not assertive when I wanted a leave or a pay rise. This lead to an imbalance in the relationship and resentment crept in.

Amazing Interpersonal Relationships

Remember that the biggest cause of resentment in all relationships is not communicating honestly with the other person when you both disagree on a point. Be willing to say no and put your foot down when something is important to you. Don’t say yes when you want to refuse something.

When you express your desires and stand up for yourself, you also create a mutual respect culture in the relationship. In an ideal interpersonal relationship, both people stand up for their desires and also happily help the other person. No person feels exploited and yet both people feel benefitted.

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Make use of Humour

Humour is a fantastic way to create and sustain interpersonal relationships. In fact if you have a good sense of humour, you can connect with complete strangers in an instant without any other ice breaker required! Humour is definitely an excellent trust builder.

Don’t feel shy to try out your humour skills in all of your interpersonal relationships. Humour skills build up over time as you practice them more often. The first few times when you practice humour, you may not elicit many laughs. However, if you keep trying despite initial failures, you will improve over time and will soon have a wonderful sense of humour.

I once had an office colleague who had such a good sense of humour that I used to drop by at his seat just to enjoy his jokes and comments. Even though we had no other trait in common, humour helped us enjoy a healthy working relationship. The point is: Humour helps!

Appreciate Often and Genuinely

People who enjoy good interpersonal relationships have one trait in common: they appreciate without restraint and rarely talk about the flaws of other people. It is a common human trait to look for what is not OK in other people. However, if you can put in some extra effort, you can change this trait and make it a habit to look for what is great about other people.

 Interpersonal Relationships

Go ahead and compliment people whenever you genuinely spot anything noteworthy about them. Would you not love to be genuinely complimented? There are many times when we notice the nice shirt an office colleague is wearing or the attractive tie a business acquaintance is wearing and ignore these things. We could have made these people’s day by appreciating them.

In a world where grudges are rampant and appreciation is scarce, you can spread joy and enjoy better relationships by consciously noticing what is good about a person. Note however, that you need to be genuine when you compliment someone. I am asking you to make an effort to honestly notice something nice – I am not asking you to falsely praise someone.

False praise comes through and it won’t make you feel good either. Just make it a habit to notice good things about others and expressing them and your relationships will thrive. As you can see, building happy, fulfilling interpersonal relationships is not very difficult if you put in a bit of extra effort.

Essentially, all you need to do is reach out and help more, genuinely appreciate and listen more. As you practice these things more often, you will automatically create your own world where everyone in your life ranging from an office boy to your colleagues, friends and casual acquaintances will encourage you and help you thrive too.


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