Inside Scoop: What is Retinol?


Learn more about the breakthrough clean retinol used in our new Younger + Clearer™ Night Serum with Honestly Pure Retinol™.

What is retinol?

Retinol is the most effective form of Vitamin A found in cosmetic products. It is known to be effective for renewing skin radiance, smoothing skin texture, and diminishing the look of fine lines and discolorations.

What is Honestly Pure Retinol™, and how does it work?

Honestly Pure Retinol™ is our unique retinol, stabilized with a combination of naturally-derived ingredients. We took retinol and encapsulated it with our unique combination of Vitamin E, caprylic/capric triglyceride (a plant-based emollient from coconut oil and glycerin), and tapioca dextrin (a type of sugar). The encapsulation helps prevent the oxidation of retinol once it’s out of the package, and assists in retinol delivery into the skin’s surface upon application to the face.

How is Honestly Pure Retinol™ different than regular retinol? What does Pure mean?

Retinol is readily oxidized by exposure to oxygen and UV light and therefore requires additives to help protect its potency and efficacy. Ingredients typically used in the stabilization of retinol — like BHT, PEGs, and polysorbates — do not meet our stringent ingredient standards. As an alternative to synthetic additives, Honestly Pure Retinol™ uses a combination of plant-derived ingredients to help ensure retinol integrity and product performance.

How strong is Honestly Pure Retinol™?

Retinol is the most potent form of Vitamin A used in cosmetics for anti-aging benefits. Younger + Clearer™ Night Serum with Honestly Pure Retinol™ was formulated to provide an optimal balance of performance and tolerability.


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