Keratin Hair Treatment For Smoother Hair


Keratin Hair Treatment For Smoother Hair

Keratin hair treatments are the most talked about and most desired hair treatment among women who long for smoother, straighter hair. This treatment, which is known to proficiently smooth coarse and curly hair, has become the most popular option at salons. There is no wonder for the increasing reputation of this hair straightening method, since hardly any woman can resist having hair with ultra shiny smooth finish.

Curly haired women of all races are increasingly embracing keratin hair treatments as the magical solution to tame their unruly, mega-frizzy hair. The de-frizzing effects of this treatment have captured the imagination of many appearance conscious women on a large scale.

There is no fault in craving for frizz-free, perfectly manageable, silky and shiny hair. But don’t you think is it wise to have a clear understanding about any hyped miracle beauty therapies before blindly going ‘gaga’ over it? Let’s have an overview of Keratin Hair Treatment/Brazilian hair straightening treatment and its major pros and cons.

Keratin Hair Treatment – What is it All About

Keratin Hair Treatment

Women of all ages are increasingly banking on this smoothing treatment in a big way. Many of them are not even bothered to know what the ingredients are and how does this magic formula work to make their hair soft and silky.

Keratin is nothing but a protein that is naturally present in everyone’s hair. This protein is not only found in hair, but also in our teeth, nails and other parts of the body. In other words, keratin forms the key building block of our hair, nail, teeth and most of our body parts including skin. These compounds are naturally available from a range of natural sources from our planet.

All keratin hair smoothening and straightening styling products are made of natural keratin protein. One of the most important sources of natural keratin protein is animal wool. The compound aids in the reconstruction, restoration and rejuvenation of all types of hair.

How Do Keratin Products Work On Hair

Keratin hair treatments complexes mainly work wonders by reloading the keratin in the cortex of the hair shaft, where it is usually stored. It nourishes and packs the cuticles of the hair to transform it into silky soft hair strands.

This much hyped natural hair straightening method actually involves intense conditioning and ironing of hair strands. Super-flat, super-silky locks are attained by jamming the gaps of permeable strands with this protein and elucidating and blowing up the hair three times. After each keratin application process the hair strands are blow dried and flat-ironed to get the desired texture and softness.

A preservative solution is also infused into the hair strands along with liquid keratin. By sealing the hair with natural protein keratin hair treatment serves as a temporary hair straightening method. This treatment transforms curly and unmanageable hair into silky soft by basically altering the hair protein arrangement.

Keratin hair treatment still remains to be the spotlight of controversy and scrutiny. Let us have a quick glance into some of the merits and demerits attached to the method.

Merits Of Keratin Hair Treatment

More Natural

Hair Straightening And Smoothening Treatment

Many women find this method very useful, since most of the other hair straightening and smoothening treatment procedures make use of products that are chemically derived and chemical intensive. Compared to the other popular methods, this one has the advantage of being more natural. The use of callous chemicals are said to be minimal in this method.

Women Who have Undergone Chemical Treatments Find It More Useful

Experience shows that for those women who have previously undergone other chemical hair treatments, find it amazingly useful and effective.

Makes Hair Stronger

Makes Hair Stronger

Applying keratin complex to hair strands nourishes the hair, since this protein is a naturally-occurring element in human hair. Besides making curly and frizzed hair soft, it provides additional protection to hair filament from external elements and keep it stronger and nourished.

Saves Styling Time

Saves Hair Styling Time

This method ensures satin soft silky hair with comparatively less complicated procedures. Keratin will also help you in reducing the time that you need to spend in styling your hair as it has become a more manageable affair.

Long Lasting Results

The sleek straight hair that is achieved from keratin hair treatment lasts for about three months if maintained properly.

Demerits Of Keratin Hair Treatment

The treatment comes with mixed blessings. A few disadvantages are associated with this miracle hair treatment method.

Presence Of Harsh Chemicals

Presence Of Harsh Chemicals

Many keratin products said to contain poisonous carcinogen called formaldehyde, which can lead to deadly diseases such as cancer. The presence of this chemical itself gives rise to other demerits such as allergy and hair fall.

Frequent Hair Treatments Permanently Damage the Natural Sheen and Texture of Hair

Keratin hair treatment method not only just involves replenishing the hair with the natural protein. It entails styling and ironing procedures involving chemicals and heating. Continuous application of these will ultimately result in patchy hair shafts making the growth of hair unhealthy and dull. The hair strands might also become unmanageable and coarse.

Cost Factor

Keratin hair treatments are comparatively costly and hence are not viable for many people. Since it requires repeat application every three months to maintain the silky sheen, lot of money will be shelled out each year.

Things To Be Kept In Mind

Expert Professional For Keratin Hair Treatment

If you are so resolute in getting keratin hair treatment to flaunt silky hair, it is better to keep some tips in mind. See to it that you are getting the treatment from the hands of an expert professional. Always insists on getting formaldehyde-free keratin treatment, and do not show easy-goingness to this factor.

Strictly follow the follow up and hair care routine as prescribed by the specialist.
According to experts, natural formaldehyde-free keratin treatment does not cause any harm to your hair or health. It is the flat ironing procedure that accounts to most of the hair breakage and brittle problems.

If the person who is doing the flat ironing is not a professional, the instrument may emit scorching heat onto the hair strands and will result in damage to hair follicles. Therefore always demand the service of a certified professional to get the maximum result. According to studies, keratin is really good as a hair restorative treatment f done in proper manner.


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