Snack Hacks: Less-guilt. Serious taste. Bring on the bikinis.


When the chips and chocolates beckon, turn to healthy bites that are just as fast and easy to nab as the vending machine. No extra treadmill time required.

With bikini season always on our minds (we’re in LA, after all), healthy snacking is a serious sport. We turned our in-house beauties and beach aficionados for their favorite ways to stay svelte without starving.

Their picks:

Whole grain toast with real almond butter (top with banana or apple slices if you’re feeling fancy)

Chia seed pudding, homemade or in snack packs from the market

Greek yogurt topped with berries, honey and granola

snack hacks

DIY Acai bowl (we divide a single bowl into two snacks, just freeze the rest for later)

Popcorn flavored with seasonings like cinnamon, pepper flakes, matcha and garlic (maybe go light on meeting-heavy days)

Apples with cinnamon and seed butters

Fresh vegetables (organic if possible) and hummus, spiked with Sriracha

snack hacks

Hot or iced tea, enhanced with naturally sweet flavors to curb a sweet a tooth

Romaine lettuce wrap with garbanzo beans, tomatoes, avocado, sea salt and a spritz of lime

Seaweed, it’s got the crunch of a classic chip sans the mystery ingredients

Avocado toast using whole grain bread

snack hacks

Trail mix (we prefer the DIY so you can control the ingredients)

Dried mangos, or any other dried fruit (just make sure no sugar is added)

No-bake protein balls (made with ingredients like oats, nut butters, chia seeds and more)

Sparkling water with lemon or infused H2O (just in case your hunger isn’t actually thirst)


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