Understanding Laser Hair Treatments


Understanding Laser Hair Treatments

The 21st century has witnessed a humongous increase in the number of men and women complaining about hair loss. This phenomenon is not restricted to any particular region but wide spread across the globe. Hair loss has been attributed to a variety of reasons like lifestyle changes, chemical abuse on hair, stress, work pressure, lack of sleep, consumption of unhealthy food and beverages etc.

Hair loss in its very early stages can be cured by natural or home remedies like oiling of hair, healthy food habits, hair spa and the like. However, there are numerous cases where hair loss cannot be combated by such methods. People notice drastic thinning and continuous loss of hair. Bald patches may also start developing. In such situations doctors recommend various surgical treatments. Surgical options are not very attractive for most due to the inherent risks and costs. But don’t worry, there is another great option for treating thinning or balding hair and that is laser treatment.

What Is Laser Treatment

Laser Treatment

In recent times many people have heard about laser treatments but no one is sure what exactly it is! Laser therapy has created a scientific revolution in the field of hair problem. It is a major breakthrough in hair fall treatment and people across the globe are choosing it over other options at a very fast pace.

Laser treatment uses a variety of devices like laser combs to pass laser light over affected areas. The requisite wavelength is created according to the hair loss stage one is in. This stimulates hair growth.

Why Laser Treatment

Laser Treatment Not Only Increases Hair Growth, It Protects Your Existing Hair Too

At the very outset laser is a non-surgical and pain less treatment. Sounds attractive doesn’t it? Well it undoubtedly is an attractive remedy for hair loss! Laser treatment not only increases hair growth, it protects your existing hair too.

Laser treatment increases the blood circulation on your entire scalp and not just the affected areas. Thus giving you overall fuller and thicker hair. Laser therapy has also known to be effective in removing dandruff and dry flakes from the scalp.

How Is Laser Treatment Done

Photo And Light Energy Are Imparted In Laser Hair Treatment

Photo and light energy are imparted in laser hair treatment. The laser that we are talking about is ‘low’ level laser. You can be absolutely free from worries about high temperatures or burns. Red colour, cold, electromagnetic radiations are passed over your scalp.

This stimulates hair follicles, increases blood circulation and multiplies cell growth. DHT is one of the major factor causing baldness, especially in men. Laser therapy helps break down this DHT accumulation too!

How Effective Is Laser Treatment

Laser Treatment Has No Side Effects

Any treatment is known to give different results to different sets of people. However laser therapy has shown positive effects on more than 85% of the people it has been tried and tested on. People who have tried it, vouch for it! It has known to be effective and shown results to many in their first therapy itself! On an average it has shown result in 8-10 sittings.

Laser treatment has no side effects. The results are not temporary but permanent in nature and what’s more it comes at a viable cost. Say goodbye to your hair woes and gain new confidence in life by trying laser treatment.


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